"Cv builder" A web Application in Ruby on Rails .

                      A Web application in Ruby On Rails that let users build their resumes online ,This application is also  incorporated with some of the API features like Linkedin Import , Github Import & Multi-Provider authentication using Omniauth. Users can create and host their resumes in cv-builder and also can share their resumes by using the public URL given by CV-builder. 

  "Survey App" A web application in Ruby on Rails.    

             A Small Web app created in Rails to Create Surveys and get the Responses.
  A Framework for controlling Expeyes .
                 A simple Framework was designed in python to control the Expeyes hardware
                 ( ) by using '' as back-end and HTML , Javascript and jQuery  as front-end.  

  A Graph algorithm visualization in Google App Engine.
             Visualization of Floyd-Warshall shortest path algorithm by using HTML5 canvas ,Javascript and jQuery as Front-end and “ Google App Engine ” as Back- end.

  A Twitter API application in Ruby On Rails.
              A simple Twitter API application was coded in "Ruby on Rails" framework. 

A simple URL shortener.
A URL shortener was coded in the python framework “Django” .


          A URL shortener was coded in the python framework “Google App Engine” .